America's Most Historic Yacht


Posted By on November 28, 2012


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  1. James Turner says:

    Visited the Coronet restoration for the first time last Sunday. Was awed be the enormity of scope of this project. Being a photographer I immediately became interested in photographically documenting the the skillsets, products used and engineering concepts and practices employed in the restoration. Was very excited about the possibilities of this idea when doing some research found your webpage. I have enjoyed reading, viewing your images and videos and all the details of this restoration up to date. If I could assist you with any image taking during your absences know I am a willing enthusiast. I line in Warwick, RI. Am retired, so availability of time is not an issue. Such an interesting project to document the restoration of this historical ship.
    You Web blog is A One. Congrats.

    Regards, Jim Turner

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