America's Most Historic Yacht


| September 13, 2018

Many folks have been wondering about Coronet’s status, and I’m happy to report that a crew has been busy at work on the planking all summer.  Here are a few photos of how things are going that I took during a visit in July.  I apologize for the late posting… The upper half of Coronet […]

Progress through September 2016

| September 18, 2016

Long overdue update The crew has finished planking the interior. You may recall that this is all double planked, so it’s quite strong and stiff. Not bad looking either… Back aft, a number of sole bearers (the boat version of floor joists) have been installed. These land on wooden pads and are secured with through-bolts […]

Progress through December 2015

| February 4, 2016

Hi folks, sorry for the long delays, I have been remiss about getting up to Newport to document this project. Here’s the progress during my visit in December. The oak lower hull is essentially finished at this point. A few planks still need to be installed, but not many. The inner planking, known as the […]

Planking up to early March 2015

| April 19, 2015

The topsides planking is now underway. This is the more reddish wood up above the lighter oak. The topsides planks will be double planked, rather than carvel planked like the oak below. Double planking, like the name implies, is made up of two layers of planking, laid so that the seams are staggered. Here’s an illustration […]

Planking progresses

| February 2, 2015

Coronet is being planked from the bottom upwards. We are using white oak both for its strength and it’s ability to bend when steamed.  There isn’t a lot of twist at the bow of the boat, but the stern is another story entirely. There is a tremendous amount of twist where the hull transitions from […]