America's Most Historic Yacht

Planking continues

| August 17, 2014

The crew has been making steady progress on the hull planking. Here’s how things looked in mid June. Port side Starboard The planks are trunnel fastened, with a few bronze hanging spikes to hold everything in place while the trunnels are set. The butts are all spiked. So are the hood ends. In case you’re […]

Planking season

| February 5, 2014

It’s going to be planking season for quite a while now. Sorry for the long delay between posts, but here we go. As of November, the garboard (the first and lowest plank on a boat) was being installed. Here’s the starboard forward end. Louie Sauzedde has joined the crew working on planking. He has a […]

Progress through September 2013

| October 16, 2013

Temporary boards laid along the inside faces of the stanchions show the eventual shape of the bulwarks. (they’re really safety rails) Coronet’s form is easily seen these days now that she’s completely framed. The deck skylights and covered hatches have all been positioned to give a sense of how she will look when completed. Looking […]

Carlins and a Keelson

| August 27, 2013

These days, most of the work is focused on installing carlins in the deck. Carlins help to support the deck, and attach to the deck beams via ramped half-dovetails. The slots cut into the beam look like this: Or if you prefer a drawing… The carlin slides down into the joint. The ramp keeps it […]

Framing complete

| May 30, 2013

A lot has happened over the past six months. By early May, all of the frames had been cut, beveled, assembled, and all but two were installed. You can see these last two leaning on the catwalk to the left. With the framing almost complete, the size and shape of the boat are readily apparent […]