America's Most Historic Yacht

Progress Through August 2010

| October 27, 2010

The crew has been cutting futtocks for a while now.  As you may recall, futtocks are curved parts that are fastened together to form frames. After being cut and beveled to fit the patterns from the lofting, the futtocks are assembled upstairs on the lofting platform. The individual futtocks are held in position with clamps, […]

Progress through July 2010

| October 17, 2010

The stem has now been set up and braced in position, and a series of heavy timbers that butt up to the aft end of the stem have been attached.  These big timbers are called ‘Knightheads.’  You can see them attached to the stem in this photo with yellow straps. Once the knightheads are through-bolted, […]