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Progress through September 2013

Posted By on October 16, 2013

Temporary boards laid along the inside faces of the stanchions show the eventual shape of the bulwarks. (they’re really safety rails) Coronet’s form is easily seen these days now that she’s completely framed.

2013-IMG_8871 2013-IMG_8884

The deck skylights and covered hatches have all been positioned to give a sense of how she will look when completed.

2013-IMG_8877 2013-IMG_8882

Looking up from below, their white undersides and varnished oak ribs blend in with the roof of the shop.


The keelson is finished,


and the area beneath the main mast step has been reinforced.


The carlins have been installed (these are the fore-aft connections between deck beams).


The next task is to finish putting in the half beams. These are beams that extend into the boat from the sides but don’t completely span the width of the hull. You can see that the the sloped dovetails have been cut for them here.

2013-IMG_8876 mod

And a little closer view…

2013-IMG_8876 close

Normally, these are half-dovetails, like this:


I’m not sure why these are full… a question to pose to the crew on my next visit.

You can see how the areas where the mast comes up through the deck (called the mast partner) have been reinforced.


If you look down from this opening you can glimpse the mast step on the keel below.

2013-IMG_8878 mod

Leo has finished the beam shelf. This is the large fore-aft beam just below the deck beams.

2013-IMG_8879 2013-IMG_8881

Back in a month for another update!


14 Responses to “Progress through September 2013”

  1. Tim Murray says:

    Outstanding as usual, Tom. Question: how are the knees going to fit with the new shelf beam? Any idea when and how they’re going in?
    Tim Murray

  2. Colleen Gleason says:

    Wonderful ! As many people can and will write to say, I have personal family history with the Schooner Coronet! It is so compelling to watch this come together. Well done!!

  3. admin says:

    Hi Tim,
    I’ll check with the guys when I next go up. My guess is that they’ll do the standard construction of notching the knees so that they fit up against the deck beams, frames & beam as a unit.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks for writing. It’s true, a lot of people I’ve met have personal histories with this boat. It’s very cool, and we’re lucky to have an owner so committed to restoring her.

  5. Eleanor Gleason Pass says:

    Colleen Gleason- I also have Gleason family ties to the Schooner Coronet. My grandparents were Willard and Rose Gleason. Is your family history connected with them? Would love to hear from you.

  6. Beth G says:

    I was on this boat when it was in the Boston Harbor and am so excited to have found this site… She is a grand old boat

  7. Dear Eleanor Gleason Pass, As I understand it, your grandfather and my grandfather were brothers! My paternal grandparents were Ralph Waldo Gleason and Christine Marple Gleason.
    My father, Harold Freeman Gleason, was their youngest child.

    My apologies for not taking the time to read these follow-up posts until now. My cousin, Ralph Gleason IV, possesses most of the family history documents and photos of their travels to Palestine. 🙂

  8. The ship joinery photographs are incredible

  9. Gerald Hogan says:

    please advise me where and when I might be able to see the conclusion of the restoration of this remarkable ship. Thanks

  10. Gerald Hogan says:

    please notify me when the remainder of the restoration is filmed. Thanks

  11. Batra Njana De'Oliveira says:

    My Grandfather Capt. Luiz De’Oliveira was a sometime whaleman and merchant seaman from Cape Verde who became a sea captain and shipowner at New Bedford and Providence in the 1900’s and 1910’s. He was Captain of many shipping vessels. One of them was named after my Grandmother & Mother, the Eugenia Amelia. Originally the Tiburton, she was renamed Eugenia Amelia then Lina before becoming Coriolanus. It dawned on my why I was so taken by watching the restoration of the Coronet….Thank you so much.

  12. Batra Njana De'Oliveira says:

    I left a reply…then it disappeared…will resend another time..thank you

  13. admin says:

    Mr. De’Oliveira,
    sorry for the delay in posting you comment. All comments have to be approved to avoid spam and sometimes this takes a little time.

  14. Randy Solt says:

    How about a winter update of progress. I am certain I am not the oloy one that would love to see updated progress. Pretty please!!!

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