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Planking up to early March 2015

Posted By on April 19, 2015

The topsides planking is now underway. This is the more reddish wood up above the lighter oak.


The topsides planks will be double planked, rather than carvel planked like the oak below. Double planking, like the name implies, is made up of two layers of planking, laid so that the seams are staggered. Here’s an illustration of a typical installation (thanks to for the drawing)


Double planking is not caulked like carvel planking. The seams are made tight, and the result is often a very smooth hull surface, uninterrupted by plank lines.  Coronet will probably not use an impregnated fabric between the layers.  Instead they will use glue (not sure right now if it will be epoxy or 3M’s 5200 adhesive).

The lower planking is moving along well.

20150307-IMG_5639 20150307-IMG_5636 20150307-IMG_5629

Staging has been set up high on the hull in preparation for the topsides planking.

20150307-IMG_5627 20150307-IMG_5625


3 Responses to “Planking up to early March 2015”

  1. Randy Solt says:

    Hey guys. I am certain the planking is moving right along. Is it possible to get an end of summer update. I would love to see how she is progressing. I am too far (Florida) to swing by.

    Thanks so much for the effort you are putting in to restore this vessel.

  2. Brandon says:

    Heyy Guys, Would love an update, I’ve just found this blog and read it from start to end, can’t wait for the next post!


  3. admin says:

    Hi folks,
    Sorry for all the long delays folks, I’ll try to get up to Newport more frequently!

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