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Progress through December 2015

Posted By on February 4, 2016

Hi folks,
sorry for the long delays, I have been remiss about getting up to Newport to document this project. Here’s the progress during my visit in December.

The oak lower hull is essentially finished at this point. A few planks still need to be installed, but not many.

20151214-IMG_9520 20151214-IMG_9524

The inner planking, known as the ceiling planking is really moving along. The faying surfaces are painted with red lead paint (the brilliant orange color) to preserve them. The space behind the ceiling won’t be accessed for a very long time.

20151214-IMG_9523 20151214-IMG_9530

The ceiling is double planked yellow pine. Looking aft,


and looking forward.


You can see that the port side has been finished and the starboard side is still in progress. The finished port side:


The starboard side, showing the underlying layer and the top layer coming down from above.


The semicircles are used to locate the fasteners in the underlying layer. Without these marks, the carpenters wouldn’t know exactly where the screws below were, and could accidentally hit one as they fasten the top layer planking.

The two layers of ceiling planking are glued as well as screwed together. These two layers will help make this a tremendously strong hull.


4 Responses to “Progress through December 2015”

  1. Dan Heibler says:

    She’s going to be Beautiful! The Craftsmanship is obvious.

  2. Chuck Hancock says:

    Greatly relieved to see that the site is active and being kept up with, whew! Thanks for the update, the build is looking tremendous. The double planked ceiling is terrific, she’s going to be one stout ship.

  3. Chuck Hancock says:

    And I just noticed, the laps on the inner ceiling planks are nibbed! Outstanding.

  4. David Moore says:

    The talent here is obvious. It is a very cool thing to watch the progress. Great job!

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