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Progress through September 2011

Posted By on November 22, 2011

If you’d dropped by IYRS over the summer, you would have gotten a taste of what it will eventually be like while on Coronet. Many of the interior cabinetry and bulkheads were mocked up on the shop floor to give a full-scale sense of the boat’s living quarters.

Coronet has been completely lofted and laid out in computer generated drawings.

The crew uses these drawings to accurately map out the exact space available below decks onto painted platforms on the shop floor.


By placing the interior onto this map, the crew can see ahead of time if there will be any problems with fitting the existing woodwork into the restored boat. As you can see, there is much repair and refinishing work to be done yet.

A few of the many carved panels.

Over at the boat proper, the deadwood and rudder post were set up in early September.



That’s Eric putting all those parts together.

Leo has been working on the long-arm / short-arm floor timbers.

You may recall that many of the new floors were made of bronze, while all of the original floors were wooden. The crew and owner decided that if the stock could be found, that some of the floors be built in the original style. So, from the hundreds of curved oak timbers that the crew sorted through, any that fit the requirements for a curved floor were set aside.

You can see how the long-arm / short-arm floor gets its name from the shape of the masonite paFrattern.

The crew has shifted it’s frame building activities to the aft end of the boat.

These frames have a lot more shape than those up forward. They have a distinct reverse at the turn of the bilge, and they curve in quickly as they approach the sheer.

By the end of September, the first of these were set up and braced.


There are more on the way.


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  1. Andrew says:

    Hi, just found this blog and am finding it fascinating. I don’t suppose you have any more images of the carved works on Coronet? I am building a ship-carving Pinboard and would love to add more images of such carvings. If you would like to see the Board you can access it via the Resources page of my blog.

    Avenue Woodcarving

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