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Progress through May 2012

Posted By on June 10, 2012

If you stop by to see Coronet under construction, there’s a good chance that you’ll be impressed by the sheer size of not only the vessel but of the shop space surrounding her. It’s a very large building, and yet, there still is never enough room.

You can see the stacks of lumber drying to the left. There is just as much on the other side of the shed, although much of that is salvaged ceiling planks and other timbers from the deconstruction.

There are also stacks of stock that have been marked as possible frame stock, and this needs to be sorted through. One way to do this is to lay out as much stock as possible and walk through it with the patterns of the futtocks to be made.

As before, these parts are sawn to their patterns, laid out on the assembly floor, and put together.

Whenever possible, older material is used. In this case, Leo is integrating some of the original futtock stock into a new frame.

You can see the circles of newer wood where he has filled the old trunnel holes with new material.

He uses a steel cap over the end of the trunnel to keep from deforming it as he drives it home.

As each frame assembly is finished, it’s stored alongside the boat awaiting installation.

These frames all will go in the aft end of the boat.

These frames will eventually land on the horn timber.

The horn timber is upside down here. The end that mates with the transom has been painted with red lead (bright orange).

And here it is installed.

The rudder shaft will come down through the space just aft of the rudder post.

Once the horn timber had been installed, the aft frames could be installed as well.




6 Responses to “Progress through May 2012”

  1. Capt. Gordon Murray says:

    wonderful work.

  2. Capt. Gordon Murray says:

    It is a blessing to see class work beeing done in this age of half harted workmen.

  3. Tim Murray says:

    Another great posting, Tom. Hope the next one shows the transom going in–was there today, and it was a stunning addition. More, you have to see the wheel in its original, and future, position. This is one powerful vessel.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Tim,
    There will be an official transom installing today around the time of the IYRS Summer Gala, but like all good things, there were earlier rehearsals. I’ll be up there next week to get more photos, and I’ll post the earlier pictures from the rehearsals then. Didn’t want to spoil the moment you know!

  5. When are you going to post the pictures of the transom being installed?

  6. admin says:

    Hi Richard,
    sorry the blog has been so sparse. Only excuse I have is that the entire summer has been consumed with fixing / selling one house and buying / moving into another. Jeff tells me that he doesn’t have pics of the installation, but I’ll be up there on Thursday and see what I can get from the lads.
    An update is coming!

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